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Photovoltaic (PV) (or solar electricity) is the process that converts sunlight into electricity. PV modules (some may know them to be solar panels) are comprised of small photovoltaic cells that are all wired together and sealed underneath a tempered glass cover. This panel is wrapped with an aluminum frame to protect the edges of the glass as well as allow for safe mounting. Multiple panels are connected together, creating an “array” of modules. The solar modules create DC (direct current) power. This DC power is converted into standard AC (alternating current) power with an inverter onsite, allowing it to be fed directly into your home to offset your electric bill or back onto the grid.

We provide professional, affordable, and reliable Solar panels Los Angeles services and surrounding areas. Many of our units exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements and are eligible for PACE financing through CaliforniaFIRST, YGreen and HERO. Utility rebates may also be available when selecting energy efficient models.


Solar, Roof, Windows, and Doors combination packages are some of our most popular projects that customers pursue. We install both solar and roof in-house while outsourcing windows and door to some of the best installers in Los Angeles. We can install solar on any roof, our consultants can direct you toward energy efficient COOL roofing that not only saves you on your utility bill by reducing the number of panels needed but is also optimized for solar panel installation. In fact, the shading that the panels provide will keep your roof lasting longer. When combined with 2-layer Glass Windows that reflects U.V. and doors that keep the cool breeze of your A/C inside your home. You can rest assure you start saving from day one of installations.

COmmercial Solar

  1. Solar array captures sunlight during daylight hours. This DC electricity is then safely converted to AC electricity.
  2. The AC electricity feeds into the Business main electrical panel, where it can be used to power heavy items.
  3. Excess power created during the day can be sold back to the grid, and is credited to the home’s monthly net energy usage.’
  4. Your utility company will continue to supply energy when the business consumption is greater than the solar production (i.e. at night).
  5. Eco Solar can monitor your energy production to ensure optimal performance.
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How it  Works

We Make Switching to Energy Efficincy Easy

In just a few simple steps, we’ll determine your energy needs and set you up with a solar energy system that’s right for you.

Step 1: Phone Consultation

The first step is to speak to one of our Energy Specialists to see if solar is right for you. We'll discuss your expectations of a solar energy system, evaluate your house through satellite imagery, and review your best options. You can call us, fill out our contact form or stop in at our office to begin the process.

Step 2: Site Visit

An on-site visit is necessary to ensure every variable is accounted for prior to the design of your new solar energy system. A thorough site evaluation is critical for a successful design.The most important piece of information in this phase is sun access. We will also take a look at your home’s mechanical and electrical systems. If the system is going in during construction or remodeling, a copy of the construction drawings would be a helpful addition to the on-site evaluation.

Step 3: System Design

With the information gathered from the site visit, our engineers will analyze the data collected. After determining the constraints and attributes of the site we will be able to match that data with hardware components that will maximize the energy output and efficiency of your new solar system. At the end of the design process, we'll present you with complete design, including drawings, system specifications, and a final quote.

Step 4: Installation

Once we obtain the necessary permits and assemble your customized solar components, and installation will begin. We will not overlook any detail during the installation of the new solar energy system. Our installation technicians are the most highly trained in the field. Our systems routinely outperform our competitors, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership in the business.

Step 5: Start Saving

Once your installation is complete, look forward to lower energy costs. Whether you’ve had a solar electric installation, solar hot water, or a solar pool heating installation, your system will begin lowering your costs from the start. Your system will run with little to no maintenance and is covered under a strong warranty. If your system experiences any issues, our highly trained and certified technicians are available to service it 24/7.

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Utility rates and utility rate structures are subject to change and cannot be accurately predicted. Your electricity usage may also vary from month to month. Projected savings from your solar system are therefore subject to change. Tax incentives are subject to change or termination by executive, legislative or regulatory action.

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